HEWHOCORRUPTS: Issue 1GB USB Rubber Bracelet of MIDI Songs

Chicago’s infamous “corporate grindcore” outfit HEWHOCORRUPTS are no stranger to weird releases: having formerly issued a credit card sized CD housed in a wallet, a NSFW split calendar, an EP packaged with shredded money, etc… but now they’re releasing the strangest of the strange…a 1gb USB rubber bracelet of MIDI songs.

Midi of Profits is what it’s called, and a 1gb USB rubber bracelet is what it is. Robotic Empire has released a rubber USB bracelet with MIDI songs on it. The files in question are meticulously re-created computerized versions of HEWHOCORRUPTS‘ classic Master of Profits EP, but now with MIDI guitars, machine drums and vocoded vocals.

To spice it up even further, the release includes tablature for all the songs, two classic related music videos, album art, credits and more on this fully functional 1gb USB-chip-infused rubber bracelet.


There’s more over at: http://www.myspace.com/hewhocorrupts.

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