Gypsyhawk – Patience and Perseverance

California’s GYPSYHAWK are doing their best to bring back good ‘ol fashioned rock ‘n’ roll. The kind with blistering twin leads, a strong bass presence, melodic vocals and lots of guitar solos.

On GYPSYHAWK’s debut release, Patience and Perseverance (Creator-Destructor Records, July 6), sounds like DEEP PURPLE meets THIN LIZZY, with a dose of BLACK SABBATH and MOTORHEAD. It’s a conglomeration of sludge, ’70s classic rock and distorted doom riffs.

Ex-SKELETONWITCH’s Eric Harris (bass/vocals), Scotty Conant (guitar), Andrew Packer (guitar) and Joe Fabio (drums) have a winning formula. The THIN LIZZY sound often pops up, but it also has a punk influence and even a progressive presence. But it’s their infectious riffs that hit you full-on, and their knack of blending the THIN LIZZY influence into something creative and fresh. GYPSYHAWK knows how to create great hooks with melodies. They Incorporate several different musical styles and mesh them together for a fresh modern sound.

The guitar harmonies on opener “Gypsyhawk” are classic THIN LIZZY. Right away, you’re treated to Harris’s gloriously harmonious raspy vocals — a cross between Phil Lynott and Lemmy.  More THIN LIZZY harmonies abound on “Rebellion on the Western Shores,” but even a NWOBHM influence creeps in just a tad. Nothing shows their love more for THIN LIZZY than the fittingly tribute, “For Those Who Love the Lizz.” The jazzy beginning of “Resentment City” surprises and entertains. It’s hard to pick an absolute favorite on Patience and Perseverance, as every song has something awesome to offer.

At an hour even, it goes by smoothly without getting boring and leaves you wanting more.

Patience and Perseverance is a great first effort and something to build on for the future. For fans of classic rock and early heavy metal, this album has it all. And if you really love your THIN LIZZY, then Patience and Perseverance is a definite must have.

By Kelley Simms

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