Eryn Non Dae Say ‘Oui, Oui’ to Changemant de Nom

French metal outfit END., who recently signed to Metal Blade Records, have decided to change their band name to ERYN NON DAE:

“There are simply too many bands with a similar name out there”, the members of the band explained in a press release. “Of course we would have loved to keep the name but our label pointed to us that it would be wiser to start under a new banner and they are right. The three words of ERYN NON DAE. do not only start with the initials of END, it is also a dark and eerie name that fits our music perfectly!”.

ERYN NON DAE. just finished working on their first album which is set for release in June of 2009. Considering their previously nondescript name, we can’t even put a video in here for you, so go to their MySpace instead.

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