MOLOTOV SOLUTION: Parts With Members

Las Vegas, NV deathcore band MOLOTOV SOLUTION apparently replaced three departed members earlier this summer. Leaving the group were Jeremy Johnson (drums), Sims Collison (guitar), and Kevin Oakley (bass).

Guitar player Robbie Pina is quoted as saying,

“So basically there is a little rumor going around that we just lost members. This is true…like back in April. Since April we have found replacements for the band and a lot of you who just came out to our recent tour saw them in action. No, the band is not breaking up. No, we are no looking for anyone to fill in. No, this will not affect the band in anyway whether it is touring or writing etc.For those of you who are worried about the future of this band, just know that nothing is literally changing other than some rad new members who are going to add onto what nick and I create!I know member changes is a complete bummer to a lot of you but realistically this had to happen to allow the band to grow and continue to be a band. There are no hard feelings with the other guys and they did what they had to do.”

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