Killswitch Engage Howard Jones and Porn Star Allie Foster?

Wow, where was I when this juicy morsel of news slithered by me?   The “juice” this time is about Howard Jones from Killswitch Engage and porn star Allie Foster.

The saga begins when frontman Howard Jones leaves the band during a US tour.  The reason was due to “unforeseen circumstances” and was replaced by vocalist Phil Labonte of All That Remains, to complete the remaining tour dates.  Then began the rumors that Howard was going to be replaced…that he had back problems…so on and so forth.  Nobody really had a clue what the deal was and then came this tweet:

There were other tweets by Allie and even suggestions from Howard that Allie get an abortion plus it doesn’t help any of this with Howard being married.  Then there were rumors that Allie didn’t even do that post – that her account had been hacked and that all of this had been just a big ‘ole lie to get some attention.  Didn’t she get enough?  She’s a porn star for cryin’ out loud.  Again, all of this crap was just rumor so who knows what the deal is, right?  Then there was a post saying “I lied. I’m fat, not pregnant. But Howard really still is a dirtbag. I just had to get him back somehow.” Then….Allie states that all of her accounts (Facebook, Twitter,…) are going to be deleted.  If any of you guys are following this, you’re doing better than I am.

Howard has since rejoined Killswitch Engage for the March-April 2010 tours, getting Phil outta the picture and Allie’s accounts are gone. Keep in mind that all of this is “alleged” information.  I just still can’t believe all this flew right past me!  I need to get out more.

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  1. Howard is NOT married. He may have a lot of girlfriends, but he is not married

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