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How is it that a band can tour with the likes of Take It Back, Close Your Eyes, Kid Liberty, and Becoming The Archetype but still be unsigned? This, however, is the situation with The Overseer. In any case, they went into the studio earlier this year and recorded their self-titled EP. The EP features all new songs from the band, but is it impressive enough to get the attention of at least one label?

The album starts off with “The Lost,” which gives us out first look at Anthony’s vocals. His screams are top-notch and showcased properly. In the middle of “The Jackal” you may notice Shane Raymond’s voice. His guest spot is one of the many highlights off of the EP. Some of the clean vocals may be off-putting to some listeners, but for the most part, they are fine. Behind the vocals is the guitarist who has wrote some ambient parts that can be found throughout the EP. Those parts are a nice change of pace and were written beautifully. A lot of his riffs are nothing too spectacular though. This does not bring the EP down that much because the band is keeping it simple.

This self-titled EP should be enough to gain them some attention from the labels, as this is a very solid release from a band full of great guys. The Overseer does not try to reinvent the wheel, they just use everything that’s already been invented to make great music that they love making. The Overseer should be a band on your radar. Keep your eye on them as they should be quickly rising up the ranks.

Ryan Williford,

Rating: 8.5/10
Label: Unsigned

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