SONIC SYNDICATE: Bass Player Seriously Injured During Video Shoot

Swedish modern metal superstars SONIC SYNDICATE bass player Karin Axelsson was seriously injured during the shoot of the bands brand new video for the song “Turn It Up”.

The accident occurred while shooting a scene where the band is being murdered with a guitar by a “sexy girl”. Karin Axelsson actually got whacked upside the head with the guitar, causing a large laceration as well as a severe concussion.

Commented Roger Sjunesson:

“Those scenes should be one of the many highlights in our new video – I definitely wanted to take a pic of it. So I did when it was Karin’s turn to get killed. What started as a joke soon became bitter reality. It looked so real when she got hit that we were close to applauding, but we soon realized she got hit for real. We then got pretty shocked and scared. Karin moved quite slowly and there was blood everywhere – her own and fake blood. It was really really scary! We are now pretty much sedated she did not take any irreversible damage of this and hope she’ll be fine again soon!”

Commented Karin Axelsson:

“Wow! That’s was one weird experience. What should be a fake kill for a fun video clip nearly turned into a snuff movie. I did not know what was going on. I thought I’d be lying there and then someone would shout “Cut!”. When I got hit I was surprised and shocked at the same time. But I guess my boys were more scared than I was, haha… as of now I still got some serious headache, which sucks and I really don’t know if am gonna be able to play that next show with the band cuz I am feeling dizzy all the time – but be sure I will try everything in my power to make it happen! Love you all!”

“Turn It Up” comes off the brand new album We Rule The Night which is going to be released on August 27:

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