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Hello Soilworkers,

Blogging is not something I do very often, so bear with me guys!

First of all I would like to extend a huge thanks to all of you guys and gals that have stuck with SOILWORK through thick and thin. It’s great to see the response for the new record, and it’s amazing for us to see that we are getting more and more people coming to the shows than ever before.

I know that SOILWORK has gone through some major changes, but I do feel like this is the best line-up and we’re a solid unit now. We’ re all really enjoying each others company, as well as playing together.

Touring in the US in the summer time has its ups and downs, like playing in hotter than hell venues, and eating garbage late at night (even though it tastes soooo good). But the response has been great, and it has been a real pleasure performing the new songs for everyone.

The Panic Broadcast has been received very well and it’s fun to see that after almost 15 years we’re rocking harder and are making better music than we ever have before.

We knew in the early writing stages that this would be a great record, but we had no idea of how it would be perceived, and at this point in our career we really wanted to make a record where we could “feel” the material. I’m not saying that we didn’t feel our music before, but we really tried to emphasise a more organic feel on this record, so when we tracked the songs it was very important to have everyone perform great takes, instead of recording 2 second bits that I would grid edit in Pro Tools to make it sound tight.

This is the best performed album in SOILWORK history, and its awesome to share the guitar duty with an amazing guitar player like Sylvain Coudret. We basically try and challenge each other all the time, and it is great to have brought back the guitar solo trade-offs that we used to do in the past.

We are all very proud of The Panic Broadcast so for all of you who have not yet heard it, GO GET IT!!!!!!!!!

Hornz Up!

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