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So here I am, 3 weeks into this tour, sitting in the back lounge of our tour bus with Mr. Ola Flink. I’m writing a blog, and he’s about to give up finding a Direct TV channel that will please his restless late night mind. Oh, he just said “fuck it” and left. We just departed from Tucson, AZ after another sweaty show in the desert.

My plan of having a healthy relationship with alcohol on this tour is actually working, it’s so easy. I simply decided to give myself a herbal schnapps treat before each show and then drink water afterwards. The ever so common “grab a beer (or 2 or 3…) in the afternoon to keep myself from getting bored” behaviour is glowing with its absence and I feel so much stronger, especially mentally.

Don’t get me wrong, I won’t stop myself from grabbing a social beer in the afternoon if I feel like it. The bottomline is that curing whatever your problem might be- whether it’s boredom or just something you wanna repress- with alcohol, is only gonna make it worse. Newsflash Mr. Strid. I know, it’s quite obvious but it actually takes some training to realize why you’re drinking.

It might sound like I’m overanalyzing this, and you may think I’ve turned into a finger-pointing-drinking-fascist who’s sipping Courvoisier in the back lounge while being cynical about other people drinking a PBR in the afternoon. Not at all. I’m all about simple social drinking, especially in the garage with a huge man fridge within reach. The only difference is that I’ve made a conscious choice to respect my mind a bit more on tour and thought I wanted to share it with you.

It’s pretty interesting I gotta say… The feeling of not stumbling off stage gasping for air after slamming 6 beers during the show (and already smuggling a big glass of Jameson in your bladder prior to it) makes things more interesting. You actually start realizing what the fuck you’re doing and suddenly there’s time to analyze the show, instead of filling a cup with dirty tourbus-ice (probably containing more bacteria than a sewer), pouring some of that ole’ Jim & Coke in there and letting the adrenaline pump it through your veins… et voila, you’ve reached a different state of mind before you even grasped the fun you just had on stage.

I love how I’m finally letting myself capture things that mean something before I simply move on to la-la-land and forget about everything else. I’m looking for a word to sum this up. It will have to be ‘insight’.


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