Maelstrom Issue Album Update, Fans Of Sabbat and Coroner Should Take Notice

Cinematic/power metallers Maelstrom have issued an update on the recording of the full-length follow-up to It was Predestined.

Vocalist Gary Vosganian had this to say about the studio sessions. “We have been moving forward with the recording of the album. It is taking longer than we hoped, but it is coming out fantastic. We’ve finished all the drums on the seven remaining songs and they have been tweaked by Tue Madsen in Denmark. The band has been following the same recording process we had for the EP and we will go into Vudu Studios in Freeport, NY to lay down guitar, bass, and vocals probably starting in June or July. Then depending on schedules it will be off to Denmark with Tue for the mix and mastering. Right now funding is the main obstacle (big surprise), but we are determined to make this happen. Of course, if any labels out there care to lend a hand we are all ears.”

It was Predestined is available via iTunes and many other premium digital services, as well as on the band’s MySpace page in its entirety.

Check out the SMNnews interview with the band here.

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