KATAKLYSM: Track By Track Commentary Part 2

Maurizio Iacono, vocalist of iconic Canadian extreme metallers KATAKLYSM, recently gave us a track by track break down of the their new album Heaven’s Venom. The following is Part 2 of the commentary, which encompasses tracks 4 – 7 from the album.  In case you missed it, KATAKLYSM Part 1 Commentary is here. Too bad they can’t spell Zakk Wylde correctly!

Push the Venom”:

“One of my faves on the album for its simple in your face approach. The first video and single off the album. Aggressive with no compromise and you will be singing ‘Push the Venom’! This one deals with people who think they know you but they don’t and judge you for it with no merit.”

Hail the Renegade”:

“A more experimental KATAKLYSM on this song but again an undeniable KATAKLYSM approach. Song is straight forward with weird patterns and a bass solo that will blow your mind. Again some old KATAKLYSM here and a very cool JFK speech at the end. Song deals with the protecting our freedoms at any cost necessary and showing that this battle has been on going since the very beginning of civilization and still today.”

As the Walls Collapse”:

“This song is in the melodic haven where the intricate clashes the dark melodies. A very fist pumping song. I can see this one becoming a fan favorite very quickly. IRON MAIDEN would be proud. Song is about feeling imprisoned and having those walls around you and what it takes to bring them down.”

Numb & Intoxicated”:

“This is a mid paced melodic and chugging track. To the point Death metal with a crazy chorus riff that would make Zack Wylde bang his head. Song title says it all.”

KATAKLYSM, recently uploaded a new track entitled “Determined (Vows of Vengence)” to their Myspace page www.myspace.com/Kataklysm.

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