Believer Post Second Song From ‘Gabriel’

In honor of the upcoming release Gabriel, Pennsylvania based thrashers BELIEVER are releasing a second track ‘Stoned’ via the band’s MySpace page. The highly anticipated release Gabriel will be available next week, March 17th, 2009 through Cesspool Recordings /Metal Blade Records.

“As we were mixing “Stoned,” the ripping old school death metal riff and locking into a groove felt great until we added the weird piano section. After repeated listens to this part during the mix, both Jeff and Kevin developed throbbing headaches and severe nausea. It must have been the odd, conflicting timing between the keys, guitars and drums totally screwing with their inner ears or something. Obviously Kurt and I felt great (not sure what that says about us), but I guess that’s what one might call ‘feeling the song’. Warning: Listening to this section over and over again may induce physical illness” states drummer Joey Daub.


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