The Burial – The Winepress

Similar to Goatwhore or The Autumn Offering, Strike First’s newly signed band The Burial like to keep things fast and unstable. These tracks are constantly unfolding and breaking down as they play, but not in a messy sense. Instead, this destructive formula works quite well in reeling the listener in and keeping them interested.

The Winepress may get better as it goes, but that’s not to say it starts off weak. On the contrary, “Intercessor” does a solid job in building up the record’s opening and leading into “Demons Never Sleep”, the first track to truly display the antics of The Burial. The title track then follows, bringing several breakdowns to your ears you’ll want to hear again and again. “Reconciliation” feels even larger in sound in some cases, and is fueled by excellent guitar work and vocal screeches. The band then takes some time off to slow down with the instrumental “Valley Of Decision”, a beautiful and calming track that allows the listener to get a grip back on reality. The final three songs that follow, especially “Delegation of the Seven Plagues”, are furiously brutal and fast. These moments, while plentiful, don’t seem to get old either.

When The Burial is bringing their top speed, they are showing off their impressive musicianship and ability to pull out all the stops when desired. The Winepress will not only make new fans easily, it will show Strike First listeners which band on the roster is truly the best.

Review by Nathaniel Lay of  /

Rating: 8/10
Label: Strike First Recordings

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