New Device Exclusive Interview

Braingell Radio’s very own Pitbull was at the recent High Voltage Festival in London, and caught up with a great new band called New Device. Excerpts from the interview can be read below.

 Pitbull: Hi I’m backstage at the High Voltage Festival with New Device.

New Device: Hi Braingell Radio

Pitbull: Give us some info about when you were formed, and where you’re based.

New Device: We were formed in late 2007, and the members are scattered around North London/Hertfordshire, and we even have one from Birmingham.

Pitbull: So, in your short time of being together, you have played some very high profile shows. Last year (2009) you played Download and Sonisphere, and this year, as well as doing High Voltage, you have also supported Bon Jovi, as well as Europe.

New Device: Yes, those shows have been a great way to showcase what we are all about, to a whole new audience, and the feedback we have received has been astounding. When we agreed to these shows, we weren’t sure how we would be perceived, as the whole classic rock vibe wasn’t in full swing yet, so we took a chance. We had a fistful of money, a handful of songs, and went for it. Lo and behold, Abstract Sounds, Powerage, and Plastic Head got involved, they were very interested in what we were doing, and agreed to sign us.

Pitbull: You mentioned the classic rock vibe, so who are your influences?

New Device: Guns’n’Roses, Skid Row, Slayer and Metallica. Those guys are, like, our predecessors, but we don’t want to regurgitate what they have done, we want to put a whole new different slant on it, a fresher feel to it. If we were just a throwback band, it would get very old, very quickly.

Pitbull: You have an album out now, called Takin’ Over, which I have had a good listen to, and i’ll tell you now, i’m very impressed. For a young band, you have one hell of a big sound. Reminds me a lot of a great band from the 80’s called Tobruk, and a track of theirs called Falling, big chorus, harmonising guitars, big everything, that’s what you guys are all about, and i will try and get to push your material in the States.

New Device: Thanks, that is what we need, to try and break in America, and any help we can get is greatly appreciated.

Pitbull: Any new material due out soon?

New Device: Yes, we are going in the studio soon, and hope to have a new single out by the end of this year, with the album following at the start of next year.

Pitbull: As a fairly young band, with an average age of 24 25, is there any advice you can give to bands who want to break into this industry.

New Device: Work hard, make sure all your members hearts are in it, we have just changed our 2 guitarists, and they were with us from the start, they were brothers, but due to family and personal reasons, they couldn’t continue with us. It was a sad moment in out lives, but we had to continue, and we now have 2 new members of the band, and it’s onwards from here. Any new bands who want to make it, work hard, dont give in, show what your made of, and most af all, enjoy what your doing. You cant get rich overnight. We have been doing this for about 3 years, and where we are now is all down to hard work and dedication, as well as having a label that believes in us, and we are grateful in their belief.

Pitbull: Thanks guys for taking time out to chat with, and for anyone who wants to check out New Device, their website details can be viewed below, as well as their video for Takin’ Over. For an old bastard like me, i can 100% tell you, that New Device are one of the best up and coming UK bands i’ve seen and heard for a while.

Daniel Leigh – Vocals
Gaz Bolan – Lead Guitar/Vocals
Shane Lee – Lead Guitar/Vocals
Andy Saxton – Bass/Vocals
Rozzy Ison – Drums


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