Metalhead Writers Wanted for Braingell Radio

We’ve had a couple of responses from our numerous posts letting you fans out there know we’re hunting down  some of you metalhead guys ‘n gals to write for us.  One responder is  John Gehrig – also known as “justgotwicked” – on the Braingell fan page.  We’re on the edge of our seats waiting for the second responder to submit his first article. I’ll hook you up with this dude’s name as soon as he shoots the article to me.  Definitely check out John’s articles.  I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with his angle of opinions and reporting.  We’re still in need of more good writers to fill that void of personal writing from actual people like yourself.   We’re needing approximately 500 words per article and someone that can submit 3 to 5 articles per week.  Any style of writing is welcomed.  This position will not involve any money exchange but you’ll have the opportunity to see your name on our website and all the fame and notoriety that that brings.  Your articles will also be shared/posted on our Myspace page (numerous times throughout the day), Digg and Bebo.  So, if you think you’ve got what it takes to be a part of the Braingell team then contact me (Rhonnie) at  Keep on rockin’  fuckers!  m/

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