A Band Of Orcs – WarChiefs of the Apocalypse

World of Warcraft addicts A BAND OF ORCS, play pummeling death metal. And yes, they are dressed as Orcs, most definitely influenced by Fantasy role-playing games.

Music-wise, A BAND OF ORCS is somewhere in between MORBID ANGEL and SLAYER, with some Tuetonic thrash thrown in for good measure. Some might think the concept is a little nerdy, but one thing’s for certain, they are not just a GWAR knockoff. Their gimmick and costumes might overshadow their talent at first, but deep down, A BAND OF ORCS play brutal, chugging death metal with technical chops. On their 7-track debut EP, WarChiefs of the Apocalypse, these Orcs from Santa Cruz can play.

Heavy dual guitars open “I, Gogog,” followed by a combination of higher pitched raspy and lower deep growls from vocalist Gogog Bloodthroat, in which he proclaims his superior battle prowess. Right away you get the idea of what A BAND OF ORCS is all about, lyrically and musically. Paying homage to their old school influences, their cover of CELTIC FROST’s “Procreation of the Wicked” is brutal and heavy. It’s slowed down even more than the original and done in the ORCS’ style. The instrumental, “Disassembly Line,” has a lot of creative tempo changes and variation, but mostly, it simply shreds. The guitar solo in “Bring Out Your Dead” is also some great fast picking lead guitar work from guitarists Cretos Filthgrinder and Hulg ElfR.I.P.per. “Descent” introduces an epic orchestral sound with battle drums, signifying the impending doom that awaits with “Into The Maelstrom,” which is a dizzying foray of bludgeoning death metal.

A BAND OF ORCS aren’t reinventing the sound of death metal on WarChiefs of the Apocalypse, but it’s a great ass kicking of the aural senses. They need to put out a full-length album soon to keep their battle-ready momentum going.

By Kelley simms

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