Cretos Filthgrinder

From File 23:

“Cretos Filthgrinder embodies the art of epic battle music at its most brutal zenith. Skalds tell tales of his prowess with the oRcish scimitar on the battlefied and in the gladitorial arena. Legend has it that with steady hand and grim grin the mighty Filthgrinder battled his way into the Gore-Stained Axe Tribe by decapitating three of the clan’s burliest captains, thereby earning the Chieftain’s praise and respect. Oddly, Great Gzoroth, the Dragon of Chaos, has seen fit to gift Filthgrinder with a strange fascination with and talent for the electric guitar. His hell-wrought gnosis of demonic modes and scales have resulted in the bone-crushing metal anthems heard on the debut EP, WarChiefs of the Apocalypse.

But his solos are his trademark.”

and he doesn't brush his tusks

– YourFriend

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