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“1. Can you give a quick history of how the band came to be?

Many, many moonz ago, more than 2, father’s father’s father
stole many she orcs and traveled to a part of Hirntodia where the land
was not dry and the elf not all hunted out, there the gore stained ax
tribe was formed and the goblins living there were all enslaved or
eaten.. After that orcs discovered metal and band wuz only choice.

2. Band of Orcs is the total opposite from other fantasy
character-based bands. Normally, its a princely looking fellow with
nicely quaffed hair and a glass shattering voice. A Band of Orcs is
totally the other way: looking like the bad guys and giving praise to
bands like Suffocation, Morbid Angel, and Slayer, What made you want to
sign to the evil side?

This human describe food. Why he think orcs not want evil? Us orcs!

3. Band of Orc’s video for Into the Maelstrom is of the most epic
displays of metal I’ve ever seen. Fire, lava, blast beats, hot chick
sacrifices, and plenty of legions of followers. How were you able to
cram so much awesome in there with out the universe imploding?

There are at least seven universes inside the video. It more hard to
keep extra universe from exploding out than all going in.

4. The orc costumes look pretty intricate, especially the armor and
teeth. Who designed the outfits?

Orcs take armor from dead enemies on the battlefield. Who design your
ugly human costume?

5. Alright, gaming questions time! You guys make no mystery of your
gaming past, listing D&D, Blizzard Software games and Gary Gygax on
your band’s Myspace page. How has gaming in general influenced the

Gamers not run fast. Many have nice extra layer of fat that crisp so
good when you roast it. And many gamers already come pre-scented, no
need to add any more seasoning.

6. Speaking of Blizzard, there’s a whole mess of stuff coming from
them lately. Starcraft II, the WOW Cataclysm beta, and Diablo III
sometime before the end of the world. Had a chance to get into any of
the new Blizzard goodness?

Gore stained axe tribe has survived many blizzards and will always do
that with much fire and, meat and blood.

7. How does a busy band like Band of Ors even able to get in valuable
Dungeons and Dragons time?

It like chess. We capture nerds and geeks and put them in the dungeon
to play D&D. You human wizards all have horrible magic. Not once
has human used the magic scrolls we give the wizards or cast any
spells. They just cry and get eaten by the otyughs. If that was not
funny it be boring, humans try so small.

8. Any console gaming being done? Maybe slashing apart legionnaires in
God of War III? Perhaps killing a high dragon or two in Dragon Age?

There was, but orcs not have enough TV. Them keep break when us kick

9. Pop quiz: You’ve been given the pleasure of knocking off one of the
good guys from the Lord of the Rings novels. Who do you kill, and how
would his evisceration go?

Edward Cullen. Slow.

10. What are the immediate future plans for A Band of Orcs? A full
U.S. tour, hopefully.

Orctoberfest, finish writing album, conquer Nevada and take all the
gold from the casinos.”


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