The State of Things

A Band of Orcs is a cavernous subject. The C.A.C has much to offer, and always trying to fill the gaps, but cannot fully explain their presence. Why do they want our world so badly? What is happening in their own realm? What kind of magic do they command?

What we are sure of is the threat that the Orcs present. The C.A.C is the only database for this information and Humanity needs to look at A Band of Orcs and know that it doesn’t have to end this way. We don’t have to be like them, bloodthirsty bastards they are. We can avert destruction and follow a better path than the Orcs did in their world. With guidance, Earth can continue on like it was.

The C.A.C would have you believe that these are men in costumes, playing music and simply entertaining us. They plant lies in the news, comparing them to GWAR and other masked metallers, but clearly – from their own surveillance – this is a lie to keep us pacified.

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