Domination Frenzy

The Orcs do everything they do to bring about the end of our civilization here on Earth. Then will be the rise of chaos and fire, the dawn of the reign of the dragon and the enslavement of the few Humans left unsacrificed.

The Domination is a war between Humans and the Gore-Stained Axe Tribe, the tribe A Band of Orcs left behind when they came to this realm. They seek to bring the rest of their army to Earth by creating a Maelstrom large enough for them to pass through. A Maelstrom this large would need a lot of energy to be created, and the Orcs believe that the only source of energy that large would be a massive mosh pit. They play metal and entertain Humans like snake charmers, guiding them to a trance that will allow them to combine their force into a gateway.

Odds aren’t in favor of this happening, it would take world-record size audiences to create enough power for a Maelstrom to form, but those statistics only encourage A Band of Orcs to try harder and with more vigor. Our only weapon is awareness.


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