the grimp has agreed to a conference

The Grimp is even more savvy than he gets credit for. He has been following along with the news today and has asked for a chance to offer his side of the story. Cautiously, I’m inclined to agree to the idea.

Tune in tonight at 5:30 to chat with The Gruesome Grimp himself, right here on my pirated version of

Who is The Grimp?

The Grimp is a wise but sinister trickster, he is the manager of A Band of Orcs and the one who brought them here. He should be despised and feared.

He is also a cat.

In Santa Cruz, he spends most of his days in cat form wandering the streets looking for food, but in the night he returns to Grimp form to work his magic and keep A Band of Orcs in shape for the Domination. Be careful, then, of which strays you choose to befriend when by the surf.

The most interesting thing about The Grimp is his genius. He’s actually quite charming, very articulate and has a sense of humor. These, he’s found, are qualities that serve as bait for potential Human stepping stones and meals.

Above all, he is a businessman. His activities aren’t for the Orcs, the Domination, Gzoroth or anything other than his own profit. He sees opportunity to make a comfortable living off of our demise and don’t think he won’t take it.


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