Gogog Bloodthroat

From File 23:

“Gogog Bloodthroat, a name synonymous with vocal savagery, hails from the mighty Gore-Stained Axe Tribe. A slaughterer of over 1000 worthy and unworthy foes, he fought his greatest battle against his own father Morgor Blood-Axe to become Chieftain of the tribe. At one of many epic battles in which he fought, Gogog became consumed by the berserker rage and destroyed many elven princes. However, he took an arrow to the neck, but consumed by the battle madness, he did not feel the pain and fought on. This wound inevitably gifted him with the voice that shot him to trans-dimensional death metal god status. In addition to chaos on the battlefield and metal stage, Gogog enjoys pillaging villages, watching the slaves dance, and participating in most forms of oRc Barbarisms.”


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