Its saddening to see Humans ally with the Orcs in return for being “spared” when the Domination comes. Such is the case with TheLiveLine.

At, musicians are assigned telephone numbers. Fans can call these numbers to hear voice blogs which the musicians  record. Then, fans can leave messages for the stars which can be heard on TheLiveLine’s site.

The reason it’s called the LIVE line is because occasionally, a caller may actually get an answer. A random amount of times, lines go live and you end up talking to a favorite musician (or actor or UFC fighter, etc)

According to my sources in the C.A.C, the Orcs visited the offices of TheLiveLine and threatened them with sure death unless they be enrolled in the service. It was made official and now you can hear their demands, receive their texts and actually be privately abused on your own cell phone. It’s almost dystopian.

See for yourself. I believe in freedom of information, so here it is:

Call Gogog: (702) 987-4080

Call Gronk!: (702) 987-4084

Call Hulg: (702) 987-4083

Call Cretos: (702) 987-4082

Call Oog: (702) 987-4081


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