Uncle Ted Caught Cheating in the Woods

Ted Nugent is the shit!  Color me older than dirt but I can remember way back in the day when I was poppin’ in my 8-track cassettes out in the smoking area at school.  There was always about 8-10 of us, all in a circle behind this one particular tree and passin’ the doob with somebody “holding watch”  watch for a teachers and all of us rockin’ out to Uncle Ted’s “Cat Scratch Fever” or Nazareth’s  “Hair of theDog”.  I’ve always loved Nugent’s southern rock style, me being from Texas and all that,  and still do.  I’ve never really agreed with his political views or anything else other than diggin’ his jams because Ted’s pretty way out there if ya get my drift.  There’s quite a few out there who’ve completely dumped Nugent simply because of his political ideas but I just can’t bring myself to do it.  His music will always be one o the fore-runners for where metal music is today.  Now, down with the dirty business….he was caught on video on one of his episodes  of  “Spirit of the Wild” shooting a buck that was too young to kill.  Apparently some game wardens were kickin it back with some chew and a few Lone Star Long Neck watching the show and popped poor ‘ole Uncle Ted.  Now he’s facing 11 charges…one of which is using bait to lure in the deer and not having a properly signed hunting tag, as well as a $1,750 fine of which he plead no contest.  I’m not against deer hunting (if ya eat what you catch/shoot) but c’mon Ted….ya need bait?  Where I’m from, you shoot using sneakiness, camouflage and skill alone.   Anything other than that, well…it’s just wrong.  Shame on you, Uncle Ted!

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  1. What a creep! Where’s my gun? lol Thanks rhonnie! \m/

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