Municipal Waste Reach Halfway Point in Recording of New Album

MUNICIPAL WASTE, recently named one of 2009’s up and coming bands by Billboard magazine, have reached the halfway point in recording their new album, titled Massive Aggressive, tentatively scheduled for an August 2009 release on Earache Records. The band are recording the album at Red Planet Studios in Richmond, VA with acclaimed producer Zeuss (Hatebreed, Shadows Fall), who also produced the band’s previous album, 2007’s The Art of Partying.

MUNICIPAL WASTE guitarist Ryan Waste reports from the studio with his thoughts on the album and the recording process so far:

“We’re in the middle of blazing out the new tracks from Massive Aggressive. I’m really proud of the speed picking on the new record. I finish up my rhythms tomorrow and I’m pumped to celebrate after some gruelling nights in the studio. Zeuss is spot on for this record and we are thankful to have him in our neck of the woods this around.”

“For Massive Aggressive we are striving to capture elements from both traditional heavy metal and hardcore punk.  When combined, the two genres can become a lethal formula.  We’re not afraid to bridge the gap on this one.”

Already having finished his drums, Dave Witte reflects on the recording experience and what’s in store for fans:

“This record is definitely shaping up to be the best we’ve done easily, I’ve already banged out all my tracks in 1 & 1/2 days and am totally pleased with the outcome…I think our fans are going to be psyched with this record and I can’t wait to play these songs live!”

Finally, vocalist, Tony Foresta comments on his studio time and why his performance on Massive Aggressive will be his best yet:

“I have about 3 songs left of vocals. I’m really happy with how things are turning out. Zeuss has been pushing me really hard this time around and I think it will show when the record is completed.”

View photos of Ryan Waste and Dave Witte in the studio recording their parts for MASSIVE AGGRESSIVE:

MUNICIPAL WASTE are also gearing up for the No Fear Energy Music Tour with LAMB OF GOD, AS I LAY DYING, CHILDREN OF BODOM and GOD FORBID.

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