Eminent – Death of the Pilgram

If DREAM THEATER and PINK FLOYD had a baby, EMINENT would be the result. AVENGED SEVENFOLD, MUSE and TOOL would be their brothers and sisters, or long-lost cousins.

Winners of the 2009 Project Independent Metal Showcase, the LA band’s progressive prowess, mixed with a subtle alternative sound, caters to the seasoned listener. A concoction of prog and alt, jazz and modern music gives their full-length debut, Death of the Pilgrim, an international flavor.

The band’s ethnicity brings a unique mix of influences and zest to the music: Bronic Bednarek (vocals) is from South Africa, Hovak Alaverdian (guitars) is from Armenia, Lonny Pasillas (drums) is half Mexican, and Andrew Movsissian (guitars) and Vahe Shahinian (bass) are Persian/Armenians from America.

Pilgrim is a concept album, a rite of passage or coming of age for the main character in the story. His journey through turbulent times is captured in the lyrics and music throughout this adventurous CD.

Beginning with “Pilgrimage,” our character starts his journey full of innocence and excitement. The mix of crunchy riffs, progressive guitar leads and melodic vocals sets the tone of the album. This track and what follows will satisfy the heavy- and progressive-metal listener, especially “Control Your Reckless Mind,” “Hanging On” and “Lose Yourself to Find Yourself.” The story unfolds throughout the duration of the album.

All 11 tracks are winners. Pilgrim is meant to be listened to from start to finish while reading the lyrics. Doing so adds to the epic experience.

For an unsigned band’s debut, this is top-notch. The production is at a high level, and the songwriting is impeccable. More people really need to discover the qualities of this band.

By Kelley Simms

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