Woe, is Me – Number[s]

Keeping it in the family, Woe, is Me plays a blend of hardcore, electronica metal, and screamo in the likes of Of Machines, Sleeping With Sirens, and Attack Attack!. You can expect frantic screams and growls, soaring vocals, and some great electronical sounds to aid in the breakdowns and chaos of it all. The problem with this sound, however, is the lack of highs and lows at times (especially in the beginning). This means several songs share the same basic formula, keeping them from reaching the potential heights they could. “Hell, Or High Water” is the first track to really feature some stand out and memorable moments, such as the hauntingly beautiful bridge (though the breakdown that follows is definitely note worthy as well). The track that follows, “For The Likes Of You”, continues this more impressive spirit, gradually building off and on throughout. The end result is a large sounding number teeming with the kind of potential and talent that could take these guys to the top of their game. “I.” starts off in the likes of the earlier tracks (aggressive and fairly straight forward), but then manages to become more compelling and explorative about half way through. “Our Number(s)” is almost entirely brutal, “If Not, For Ourselves” focuses a lot more on the electronics and singing, and “Desolate (The Conductor)” feels like a lost Sky Eats Airplane interlude. When all is said and done, Number(s) certainly gets better and better as it plays through and tries more out with its formula. This is quite an explosive debut that will surely help Woe, Is Me rise the ranks quickly (and knock out Attack Attack! in the process).

~Nathaniel Lay via www.lmpmagazine.com

Rating: 7.5/10
Label: Rise Records
Website: myspace.com/woeisme

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