For Today – Breaker

If not for the awkward, almost rap-like spoken word tracks, Breaker would have received an even higher score than this. That being said, For Today have returned stronger than ever. Other than pulling out all the stops, the band has also managed to make everything feel more epic and large in sound. “Devastator” does an excellent job in kicking things off, making the walls around you crumble as the words “I will stand behind the savior / As he burns your kingdom down” bellow forth. The best part about this album is its originality. Most hardcore releases of this type are pretty straight forward, but not Breaker. While, yes, the vocals are primarily the style you would expect from a band of this genre, there is some deviation from time to time that prove successful in broadening the vocal sound (“Arm The Masses”, for example). As the album plays through, For Today offers up a little bit of everything when it comes to heavy music: breakdowns, growls, gang vocals, double bass…it may sound unoriginal when listing it so, but it actually sounds quite unique and memorable as a result. Breaker is brutal, intense, energetic, diverse, and ultimately recommended again and again. You really should pick this one up as soon as possible.

Rating: 8.5/10
Label: Facedown Records

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