Why I DJ For Braingell.com (Repost)

Thought I would write a little bit about why I DJ at Braingell.com and not at some other station. Basically I am a metal head and I know there are other stations out there, but BGR supports unsigned bands and also the station owner gives me free reign over what I do when I DJ.  I prefer to DJ metal and be able to play the type of hard rock and metal that I like. Now I have been known to play songs by bands I don’t actually care for, but that is over the fact I used to be a Radio DJ at a station in Key West, Fl. back in 1995. The station was WOZN The Ozone 98.7FM, but now is a Jazz format. I was also known as CrazyIvan there for 6 months while onair, but was previously known as Jeff The Naked Guy when I was doing stuff for a nudist group I co-founded in Key West called Florida Key Naturists.

I do enjoy finding new bands to get people to hear and discover. Some bands I have found out here in the Metro-Atlanta area are really good and need to be heard by alot of people. Bands like Low Down, Halycon Way, A Lower Deep, and others have reminded me why I love the music I do.

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