Braindrill – Quantum Catastrophe

So everybody probably knows BRAINDRILL for the Lambgoat “they lifted up my ballsack” incident, which I’m sure the members have a sense of humor to overlook, but let’s get to the real point.  Everyone should also know about the technical juggernaut BRAINDRILL that dominates anything in its path, talent-wise that is.  BRAINDRILL has more talent than almost any of these technical death metal wannabes, and though I’ve heard quite a few complaints of the band being too technical just to show off, I say keep it up!  That’s what BRAINDRILL is extremely good at, that’s how their fanbase was initially established, and that’s how to push the limits of extreme with a shove.  Death metal legend Alex Webster (bassist for Cannibal Corpse) dubbed BRAINDRILL as “pretty fucking sick” and I couldn’t agree more.  I really dug their first offering, Apocalyptic Feasting, and the band is now back better than ever with Quantum Catastrophe.  These dudes are hungry.  Quantum Catastrophe is filled with sick transitions, enough sweeps to clean up the kitchen, and jaw dropping technicality that sprints at ludicrous speed, taking no breathers.  I love being caught off guard when I headbang (in this case necks will be broken), and when you pop in Quantum Catastrophe, you had best be ready for one hell of a thrill ride.  Talk about a mind fuck!  A great mind fuck that drills my brain!

The first single off their new release, “Beyond Bludgeoned”, is a perfect display of technical madness from the get-go.  Boy do they know how to tap that bitch!  Fretboard tapping, that is.  Those guitar counterattacks are absolutely insane, whether in harmonization or unleashing dissonance.  BRAINDRILL is fast as lightning, and you must also wonder how they calculate all these insane time signatures out.  Drummer Ron Casey I swear is half man half machine, and seems to do everything at ease.  You’ll definitely at least appreciate the “WOW” factor.

“Monumental Failure” is another beast of a song where I hear the faster side of Cannibal Corpse, the completely chaotic side of Dying Fetus, and the creative yet ferocious attack of Necrophagist.  The riffs are much more distinctive here and you’ll hear a much more death metal assault on “Monumental Failure”, and if you’re looking for a quick breather from the nonstop technicality, here’s your pitstop, but be prepared to get back out on the track at full speed.

Other songs such as “Obliteration Untold” and “Mercy To None” come charging like a bull in a china shop, but the red blanket is still waving.  BRAINDRILL is still very precise with their insane no-way-you-could-ever-play-this riffs, and at the same time seem to create  a very brutal atmosphere with how everything seems to fit together.  Guitarist Dylan Ruskin has spiders running across his fretboard, and his guitar wizardry has always made my jaw drop.   And don’t forget about the 15 minute title track and album closer, “Quantum Catastrophe”.  Talk about one long hyperactive beating!

BRAINDRILL just may have the capabilities to make the smartest of metalheads pretty dumbfounded.  Their creative use of super talented technical death metal is incredible, and while it may seem like uncontrolled chaos, all in all you should realize that everything adds up to make a BRAINDRILL song.  I wonder if they have trouble playing these songs live sometimes, because it seems like there isn’t a second the band takes a break.  If you’re a kid who likes to headbang to music nonstop (and I sincerely mean nonstop), then BRAINDRILL is for you.

Rating: 8 / 10
Label: Metal Blade

By Alex Gilbert

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