Five Albums You May or May Not Know That You Needed

If you’re anything like me then you probably have entirely too much music, yet you have days where all you want is something to listen to.  Of course there is always a random Tuesday to look forward to in hopes of something new to come out which seems to be few and far between.  But quite frankly, most of the music that gets pushed down our throats weekly blows and it just leaves us searching for more.  I know that I’m sick and tired of ‘remastered’ rereleases that sound exactly the same as the original with an added live track or two that I don’t care about anyway tacked on, or yet another greatest hits compilation by a band with seven of them already.  We should consider ourselves fortunate that Iron Maiden and Black Label Society have each put out stellar albums lately, because it’s gotten very boring in the new release world otherwise.  But there are many weeks that I have to dig into my old albums and find something timeless to get readdicted to.  Here are five albums that aren’t already on everyone’s playlist hopefully so that new music feeling can be cherished with them.

Passenger – Passenger (2003)

To me this album is one of the essentials in the Swedish melodic death metal world even though it’s not a melodic death metal album per se.  Don’t confuse them with the screamo band of the same name and disregard this band either.  Fronted by In Flames’ Anders Friden, the album has the slower sound that recent In Flames releases also have had.  They do have a very nice overall feel to them because there were no expectations from a side project to be like Clayman or Colony.  The album has the catchiness of Depeche Mode with an American Nu-metal feel that all comes together nicely.

The Amenta – NON (2008)

The Amenta is an Australian Industrial Death Metal band with a bit of an experimental sound thrown in.  They are perfect for people who wish Fear Factory were heavier or anyone who just wants some nontraditional death metal.  If I had any complaints about this album, it’s that the drums are too fast to sound amazing turned to twenty in my truck.

Shrinebuilder – Shrinebuilder (2009)

This is probably my favorite ‘supergroup’ release and my favorite doom metal album.  When you cross Wino with members of Neurosis, The Melvins and Sleep, epic things are bound to happen.  Five songs clock in at almost forty minutes and each song seems to draw influences from bands like The Doors to Metallica while collectively making an epic journey that won’t be confused as any other band.

Life Of Agony – River Runs Red (1993)

This is probably the most popular of the five albums on here due to the cult status RRR achieved.  Vocalist Keith Caputo perfectly expresses all of the emotions of an angst ridden teenager in a thirteen track tale of a life unraveling a little more with each song.  I can’t really say who would like this album outside of everybody into metal.  The strange combination of hardcore, grunge and straight up metal without any being overbearing makes it appealing to almost anyone who listens to it.

Daath – The Concealers (2009)

This is a must have album for any metal fan with an appreciation for precisely jaw dropping instrumental work.  Guitarists Eyal Levi and Emil Werstler turn an already up-tempo death metal album into a 41 minute guitar duel.  Drummer Kevin Talley and his already proven track record have no problem keeping pace with the shredfest either.  The Atlanta six piece breathes some much needed life into the American heavy metal world on The Concealers and reminds us that metal isn’t dead on this side of the pond.

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