Play This Riff: Death Angel Featuring “Relentless Retribution” Riffs and Lessons is proud to announce that they will be featuring new guitar and bass lessons from DEATH ANGEL with riffs from their upcoming Relentless Retribution album. Following the schedule below, you will get to hear an audio sample of the new DEATH ANGEL record, and then one of the members will teach you the new riff you just heard. Check out these dates for new sounds from DEATH ANGEL:

August 19th — “WHERE THEY LAY” (Guitar Lesson)
August 25th — “RELENTLESS REVOLUTION” Intro (Bass Lesson)
August 26th — “RELENTLESS REVOLUTION” Chorus (Bass Lesson)
August 27th — “RIVER OF RAPTURE” (Guitar Lesson)
August 28th — “DEATH OF THE MEEK” (Bass Lesson)
August 29th — “CLAWS IN SO DEEP” (Bass Lesson)

The latest video lesson for the song “WHERE THEY LAY” can be viewed below:

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