For The Headbangers: Brutal New Music Sampler Volume 1

A free MP3 sampler titled ‘For The Headbangers: Brutal New Music Sampler Volume 1‘ featuring tracks from HATEBRED, HIGH ON FIRE, STRAIGHT LINE STITCH, and more has been posted online. You can download it here.

Here is the tracklisting for the sampler:

1. Hatebreed – “Preservation of Belief”
2. Straight Line Stitch – “Bar Room Brawl”
3. Deception of A Ghost – “These Voices”
4. Thy Will Be Done – “A Solemn Oath”
5. Yesterday’s Saints – “Rage Within”
6. First Blood – “Enemy”
7. High On Fire – “Frost Hammer”
8. The World We Knew – “To The Wolves”
9. Falling To Pieces – “My Declaration”
10. Borgo Pass – “The Dogs Know Better”
11. Overkill – “Bring Me The Night”
12. Abolish – “The Emancipation”
13. A Tragedy At Hand – “In Case Of An Emergency”
14. Dead By Wednesday – “Part Of Me”
15. Better Left Unsaid – “Reaper Of Malice”
16. Ruination – “From The Bottom”
17. Faith Buried In Flames – “For The Sake of Sanity”
18. The Bunny The Bear – “Lust Touch Seed”
19. Guera – “Dark Woods Cometh”
20. Legacy Of Brutality – “Rebirth of The Ancient Cult”

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