Profania – “New Assassin” Demo

This morning I started in on my usual routine on checking out the new articles and sharing them to various websites and I saw this posted over in the shoutbox… GREAT metal band from Norway, check them out!!!

So….I did!  They’re a 4-member, unsigned Metal/Progressive/Thrash band located out of  Drammen, Norway which began in 2004.   Here’s their bio…

Profania was formed in Drammen, Norway in February 2004. The band was formed by Jan Pinslund, Christer Borud and Espen Riso.. All bandmembers where finished with all previous band-activity and were looking for a fresh start with new musicians. We started looking for a bass-player, and we soon found Christer Lunde formerly of the band Cthon. Our first rehearsals consisted of us playing a few cover-songs to find out if the chemistry was there. Within a short amount of time we had written a few original tunes also. The style of those songs were kind of like our old heroes meeting our later ones. Kind of old Metallica and Megadeth mixed with the likes of Pantera. This has also been the description of our sound when confronted by fans at our shows. Anyway, it’s important for us that our songs has their own signature and doesn`t sound like anything else and remain hard and mighty, but still melodic and “catchy”. After about a year we decided to search for a new bassist. We found a new member in Robert Wavter. We wrote a bunch of new songs and played our first gig with him. It was a “band-battle” in Asker, Norway. We came in second and were pleased with that, considering the circumstances and the tough competition. Then we went to Panser Studio in February of 2006 and recorded our first demo. It was engineered by Bjorn Bergersen and consisted of the songs: Tombstone, Under Siege, Into Nothingness and Crimson Serenade. The response we got for our demo was outstanding! Then we decided to get a new bass-player, again :). This time we got Andre Forsmo, currently of “The Allseeing I” and “Sarkom”. He also has a few other projects going at the time, a busy man. We have now played a lot of gigs at places like Oslo, Drammen, Asker and Trysil and the response has been great. We have no intention of quitting and will continue to spread our metal to the masses!! As of 2010, there is a new bassist, Kyle Sevenoaks of Kapow. He loves metal, likes the guys, loves the music of Profania and wants to stay with them until the end! Profania have released their latest Demo “New Assassin” as of 2009 and are rehearsing with Kyle Sevenoaks for more gigs in the near future!

I checked out 5 of their tunes on their myspace site and they’re good.  They’ve released a new demo entitled “New Assassin”.  Give ‘em a listen and decide for yourself.  Oh, and go check out their website, too.  They’ve got some live shots, band info, and merchandise to hook you up with.

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