Moth Eater feat. Scar Culture, Dirty Rig Members Post Audio

New York based new Metal/Doom band MOTH EATER have posted new audio tracks on their MySpace page. The tracks were written and recorded in the bands first 8 rehearsals. The band documented and recorded each of these writing sessions and this is the vibe they came up with. The band continues to write and will enter the recording studio this summer to record its full lengh to release this fall/winter.

MOTH EATER is a band that consists of guitarist John Conley of SCAR CULTURE (Century Media Records) and both Dave Ardolina on the drums and Buckshot on bass from  DIRTY RIG (The Music Cartel/Escapi Music).

The band have also put together a 3 minute intoxicated video titled “The Writing Sessions. Part I” taken from these first 8 rehearsals.

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