Perhaps one of the hardest hit businesses with the downturn of the economy has been musicians. Art is not immune to the downfall and it’s becoming harder than ever for smaller acts to move forward on their own without the backing of a label. DIYTOURING.COM is here to change things. This network WILL revolutionize the way bands book and tour the states and will push the forefront of the support that so many smaller bands need.

Right now at DIYTOURING.COM, you can gain a quick overview of what the site will entail and what you can do to prepare your band for such an endeavor. The official launch of the site is coming September 1st and you won’t want to miss it as spots will no doubt fill up fast. Touring, website designs and merch designs are just a few of the amenities offered by the site.

Cold calls, searching the net endlessly for contacts in states you’ve never been to, paying a booking agent-all of these things can become a thing of the past for your band by simply utilizing DIYTOURING.COM. With contact information from various venues in each state in the continental US, the site works tirelessly to provide you with the best fit for your band’s popularity and pull in any given scenario. Booking a tour will be easier than ever. Need to keep your merch and website designs up to date? We can cover you there as well!

Head over to DIYTOURING.COM to read a brief overview of the site which launches September 1st. Be ready to claim your spot and begin getting the exposure and road time that your band deserves.

“DIY Touring has been created to bridge the seemingly inevitable gap between new artists and their ability to make the way out into the world of touring. With thousands of contacts nationwide, and a database that is geared to give a plethora of opportunity, DIY stands to revolutionize the industry. Offering a database that grows monthly and is geared to meet your specific needs, DIY will set the stage for your band to grow organically by making strong and reliable connections in cities both small and large.” –DIYTOURING.COM

For further inquiries please contact:

Jameson Ketchum

KTC Publicity

Twitter @KTC116

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