The Rising Popularity of Stoner Rock

Over the past decade the “stoner rock” sub-genre of metal has made a huge push into popularity. With it’s heavy, down-tuned, fuzzy guitar riffs and it’s slow, crushing tempos, the live experience is unlike anything else most people have ever experienced. This is helped out tremendously by small venues. Playing smaller places keeps the sound in a more contained environment and is therefore louder.

Stoner Rock is a combination of classic rock, classic metal, and drone music. Many credit Black Sabbath with being the first stoner rock band. In the 90s, bands like Sleep, Kyuss, Electric Wizard, and Fu Manchu helped cement stoner rock as a legitimate cousin of metal. It tends to have a more organic sound than most popular metal, which makes many metal fans feel comforted while listening to it. The guitar tone is generally not as “shrill” as traditional metal bands, but there is no mistaking that it is still an extremely heavy genre of music.

There are many different hot spots for this type of music. Europe has come to be known as a focal area for stoner and doom metal bands. European fans really support their artists and there are even entire music festivals devoted to this particular style. Several doom metal record labels are based in Europe and many stoner rock bands choose to tour exclusively in Europe.

Atlanta, Georgia actually has a rising local doom metal scene. There are several different bars and clubs that many Atlanta-based stoner rock bands play on a regular basis. The most popular doom metal band from Atlanta would be the band Zoroaster, who tours extensively.

The stoner rock and doom metal scene will undoubtedly continue to grow. People turn to it for it’s nostalgic riffs and modern aggression. It appeals to the young and old alike.

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