CHEVELLE: 10 Year Anniversary Greatest Hits and Hometown Shows

Currently wrapping up their Carnival of Madness Tour, multi-platinum Epic Records recording artist CHEVELLE celebrate their 10 hits in 10 years with the release of an exclusive behind-the-scenes video from the band. The video is part of the ongoing celebration of “Ten in 10” an intimate look into CHEVELLE and gives the band the opportunity to share their thoughts on success and reflect on what they have become while looking back at their top ten greatest hits over the last decade.

Those hits include:

  • The Red
  • Send The Pain Below
  • Closure
  • Vitamin R
  • The Clincher
  • Well Enough Alone
  • I Get It
  • The Fad
  • Jars and Letters From A Thief

In an effort to give back to the fans that made it all possible, the band will perform two nights in their hometown at The Metro in Chicago on October 29 and 30, the venue where they got their start a decade ago.

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