PANTERA: “Cowboys From Hell” 20th Anniversary Edition Listening Party

PANTERA are hosting a custom listening party in celebration of their Cowboys From Hell 20th Anniversary Edition release. In case you missed it, PANTERA were streaming new music a few weeks ago.

Songs being streamed…

  • Cowboys From Hell (Disc 1)
  • Psycho Holiday (Disc 1)
  • The Art Of Shredding (Disc 1)
  • Cemetery Gates (Live) [Disc 2]
  • Primal Concrete Sledge (Live) [Disc 2]
  • Heresy (Live) [Disc 2]
  • Shattered  (Demo) [Disc 3]
  • Message In Blood (Demo) [Disc 3]
  • Domination (Demo) [Disc 3]

PANTERA’s Cowboys From Hell 20th Anniversary Edition listening party streams:

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