DEVILDRIVER: Road Check In, John Boecklin Drum Bio

DEVILDRIVER will wrap up their current US tour in about a weeks time. Guitarist Mike Spreitzer offered this from the road:

“Today we have a day off and I’m sitting here on the bus in Lincoln, NE watching episode after episode of The Sopranos and drinking a whole lotta coffee. This show is terribly addicting……or is it the coffee that’s addicting and I’m just using the show as an excuse? Some of the guys went to the movies to see Machete for the second time and tried to get me to go but I can’t peal myself away from my computer, hence another one of my addictions… computer. The tour is coming to an end.

“Only one more week and we have 6 weeks off before we head back to Europe with 36 Crazyfists. Then we head back to Australia for the Soundwave Festival in late February, once again with 36 Crazyfists. Which is fine by me. Any tour with those guys ends up being about 40% more fun. Keep an eye out for more updates. There are a lot of exciting things coming up for DevilDriver in 2011. The new album is coming, we have a extensive touring schedule in the works, and there are a few other goodies that I can’t disclose just yet. Enough said, The Sopranos is back on.”

Also, check out this mini-biopic on drummer John Boecklin from the DevilDriver on the road DVD web-series:

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