DIRGE WITHIN: Writing New Music, Offer Mini-Update

DIRGE WITHIN guitarist Shaun Glass has offered up news that the band is writing new tunes. Read his scripture below:

“We just wanted to give a brief update. We are knee deep in writing new music, and the tunes are coming together nice! It’s to early to fully give more details – but hang tight! We will keep ya all posted as the creations come to life. So what does a band do when working on there new album do? Two shows? Why not?! Especially when offered two killer gigs First stop: Greenbay, Wi for Savage Fest October 8th-line up soon to be announced.

“Then its back to the Rave in Milwaukee,wi supporting the wicked Five Finger Death Punch. Note our first show ever was @ the Rave-so we feel it is our second home. Next… on Sept 14th Itunes will have a digital ep, which will have the rare track ‘Eulogy.’ Also a new re-recorded version of an old demo song ‘Ties That Bind.’ As always thanks to all our fans for being the best!”

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