Dave Mustaine on Slayer: “I’m Proud To Be Touring With Them”

While the first leg of American Carnage featuring Megadeth alongside Slayer and Testament is now complete, as are the inaugural Big Four dates, and the second leg of Carnage featuring Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax are almost upon us, Megadeth mainman Dave Mustaine checked in with Goldmountain to discuss playing with his fellow thrash giants.

The “Big Four” (Megadeth, Metallica, Anthrax, and Slayer) are categorized thrash metal bands, and the “American Carnage” tour is advertised as a thrash tour, but I don’t think of Megadeth as a thrash band.
Dave Mustaine: Yeah, I know. I don’t either, but people think that way, so … I don’t know, I really don’t care. It’s just fun to be playing with these guys. They’re just great bands.

Any chance there will ever be a side project with some of these guys you are now touring with — getting together, jamming together …?
Mustaine: It depends, you know. A lot of that depends on who you are talking about. Last night we were at the bar and we were talking — Shawn Drover and myself with Kerry King — and we talked about playing a song together and, you know, it just shows you the power of thrash metal and the brotherhood that we have, and the power of forgiveness with everything that took place, with me getting David (Ellefson) back, me changing my life around, and here we are not only touring with Slayer but talking about playing onstage again with Kerry. That’s just great stuff. I’m really excited about all this.

How did it feel getting Dave Ellefson back in the band?
Yeah, it felt pretty good. He’s a good guy. We had our falling out, obviously, when my arm got hurt I had to break the band up and he didn’t really like that too much. Then the lawsuit happened. It was dismissed and he lost. And we met and he apologized and I figured how can I not forgive him. He’s my little brother and he made a dumb decision and I love him, and he’s my friend, so … You know, I don’t know if he won what would have happened, but he lost, and I’m Christian and I’ve been forgiven so I have to forgive him. There’s just no way that I can think that I deserve to be forgiven if I’m not going to do the same. And that set up the whole feeling of what’s going on here, right now. There’s just such a great feeling of camaraderie. Now I’m not saying it’s the Christian forgiveness that I experienced with Dave Ellefson that has permeated the whole tour but I will say this: everybody is getting along really well and we are getting along better than we did when we did “Clash of the Titans” (90-91). And if you can remember, we did Clash with Slayer and Testament overseas in Europe. So this is like the European version of “Clash of the Titans” if we had Suicidal Tendencies on here.

Read the whole interview right here. Megadeth will be releasing a brand new track “Sudden Death” on September 28th, which was penned specifically for Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. Go HERE for more information.


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