Downspirit – Point of Origin

Germany’s DOWNSPIRIT was formed by Ex-FREEDOM CALL and SYMPHORCE guitarist Cedric “Cede” Dupont, who wanted to create a new band based on high explosive rock/metal mixed with the blues. It’s a great blend that captures the essence of ’80s hard rock, modern metal and blues-based rock.

On their debut release, Point of Origin, there are some good metal riffs on display here, but they are also fused with a hybrid of blues and rock that give it a distinctive flavor. There are so many memorable melodies that latch on to your brain and keep you grooving. The songs the band have created really captures your attention.

Steffen Lauth’s vocals are pretty good on Point of Origin. His melodic tone is mixed with some gruffness that compliments the band’s layered backing vocals. But when it comes to the music, the guitars are up front and beefy. Dupont and fellow guitarist Axel Reissman combine for some catchy and melodic riffs.

“Arisen” and “Make My Day” are rocking affairs with gruff commanding vocals and some heavy riffs to match. “Lost” has a polished metal presence like PRIMAL FEAR or some NWOBHM influences, complete with double bass pounding and a fierce riff that gets you headbanging. Their blues influence especially shines through on “Good Times,” the ballad-like “Hollow Words” and “Love Song,” complete with a harmonica intro. There’s also some slight AOR influences displayed, but it mixes well with the rest of the album.

There’s a bit of filler here and there, but overall, DOWNSPIRIT play some bad ass bluesy rock that makes Point of Origin worthy.

By Kelley Simms

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