SCARLETT O’HARA – Lost In Existence

Debuts have become less explosive over the years. It used to be that the first album was the best a band was ever going to offer. Now it seems to be the other way around for a lot of newer acts. Luckily for us, Scarlett O’Hara have released a debut worth playing over and over again, defying the odds. Lost In Existence is immediately brutal and savage as we were hoping, bringing the walls down with its opener “Welcome To The Brodeo”.

From there, Scarlett O’Hara deliver track after track of hard hitting screamo accompanied by catchy, sung choruses. The sparse death metal growls and screeches may feel a bit out of place, but that’s a rather small concern with this disc. So much of it is addictive that you’ll hardly notice its minor flaws. “Empires” has probably the most memorable lyrics (found during the chorus), “Dude, You’re Being That Guy” features a great breakdown near the end that will easily become stuck in your memory, and “Call It Reckless” is fueled by the line “Doctor! Doctor! This masquerade is killing me!”. Whether you’re someone who listens to an album as a whole, or skip around to find your favorite parts, you won’t be disappointed. Lost In Existence is an energetic ride at every turn, successfully combining aggressive verses with melodic choruses. This may be a formula overly used these days, but it’s hard to care when it’s pulled off so well. Scarlett O’Hara will surely win over new fans with this debut. It is, after all, a contagious one.

Nathaniel Lay via

Rating: 8/10
Label: Rise Records

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