MNEMIC: European Tour Plans Scrapped

Danish modern metallers MNEMIC have issued the following update:

“For some of you who have been following MNEMIC for a long time, you might have noticed some unfamiliar faces in the lineup during the festival season of 2010.

“Due to a tendonitis surgery, Rune Stigart, was forced to sit out on a couple of festivals, and has been replaced by the band’s touring guitarist, Victor Solomonsen. Furthermore, three weeks ago, unfortunately, bassist Tomas ‘Obeast’ Koefoed had an accident wherein his index-finger got caught and crushed by a hydraulic pump. The power and pressure of the pump crushed his bone and damaged a nerve, and has now made it impossible for him to play his instrument for an undetermined time. This is one of the reasons that MNEMIC performed in Ukraine, at the Global East Fest, without a bass player, without Tomas.

“We are all very sad about this situation, especially Tomas. Our thoughts and hearts are with him, and we wish to see him recover and back on stage [as soon as possible], where he truly belongs.

“On another note, we have been planning a European tour for November and December, but due to circumstances beyond our control, it’s with heavy hearts and deep regrets that we are being forced to cancel, due to the above-mentioned problems.

“To anyone who have been looking forward to be seeing the band, we are extremely SORRY (!!!), but we promise we will make it up to you again in 2011, as we will reschedule the tour.”

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