A Band of Orcs: Debut EP Review Posted on Games Meet Metal

GamesMeetMetal.com has posted a review on A BAND OF ORCS debut EP “Warchiefs of the Apocalype”, a follow up to their interview of Gogog Bloodthroat.

GamesMeetsMetal.com covers the growingly common crossover between today’s metal acts and the games that inspire them. An Excerpt follows:

After interviewing lead singer Gogog, I was asked by A Band of Orc’s PR guy if I wanted to take a stab at their debut ep. Sure, I said. Hell, I’m not gonna turn down free tunes any time soon! Well, the package containing said cd was something of a, well, surprise. Long story short, it was meat. Stringy, disgusting meat. It probably wasn’t even of this earth. Taking the “wrapping” off, I encountered a glob of pus, that smelt faintly of carrots and vomit…(…)

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