4th STAR ONE Contest Winner Announced

Congratulations Tony (from the USA), who will receive a free copy of Victims of the Modern Age for being the lucky winner drawn from those who correctly guessed “Planet of the Apes” as the movie that inspired Arjen’s lyrics in this video clip:


New STAR ONE Contest: GUESS THE MOVIE (Part 5)

While STAR ONE is not technically a rock opera like Ayreon, it is still very much a concept album. Rather than following continuous storyline, each song is based on a different sci-fi film and tells its own story. Lucassen describes the concept of “Victims Of The Modern Age” as follows: “I based the songs on dystopian and post-apocalyptic sci-fi movies that have made an impression on me throughout my life”. Unlike the first Star One album ‘Space Metal,’ where all the songs were set in  space, this time most of the songs take place right here on Earth.

In the Youtube video linked to below, you’ll hear DAMIAN WILSON singing part of one of the tracks from Victims of the Modern Age. Your task is to guess the movie that inspired Arjen’s lyrics.


The contest is OPEN FOR 24 HOURS. The winner will be selected at random from among those who have posted the correct answer.

Watch the following video posted on Arjen’s YouTube channel


Go to Arjen’s Message board and post your guess in the official Contest board


Only answers posted in the official contest thread count. ONLY YOUR FIRST GUESS COUNTS, and you can only guess ONE MOVIE per post (no lists) so make sure to think carefully before you post your guess! Don’t forget to post your contact info so we can reach you, in case you are the winner. You do not need a user account to participate.

The winner will receive a free copy of STAR ONE “Victims of the Modern Age”.

With a career spanning more than three decades, composer and multi-instrumentalist Arjen Lucassen has firmly established himself worldwide as driving force in progressive rock and launches his musical spacecraft towards the galaxy of bombastic sci-fi rock again in 2010. STAR ONE “Victims of the Modern Age”, the follow-up to the  STAR ONE debut album, “Space Metal” (2002) will be released on October 29th (G/A/S) / November 1st (Europe) / October 26th (North America) via InsideOut Music.

SIGNED PRE-ORDERS COMING SOON! Signed pre-orders of the “Victims of the Modern Age” special 2CD edition will be available from early next week exclusively from the Arjen Lucassen store. The details are still being finalized, but as soon as we’re good to go we’ll be getting back to you with all the info about how you can order yours!

Stay tuned for further Star One contests and updates!

Arjen Lucassen’s Star One

“Victims Of The Modern Age”

(InsideOut Music | EMI)

Release Date North America: October 26th 2010

Release Date GAS: October 29th 2010

Release Date Europe: November 1st 2010

For more information please visit:







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