Swedish technical death metallers SPAWN OF POSSESSION have parted ways with vocalist Matthew Chalk (PSYCROPTIC) and have been rejoined by Dennis Röndum.

Commented the band:

“Yes, Dennis is back in the band, where he belongs.

“We would like to thank Chalky for the time he was a part of the band, He helped us bring SPAWN OF POSSESSION back to life for a moment and without him we could not have done the Australian tour. So we are thankful for everything he did for us and wish him the best of luck.”

Added Dennis: “I’ve been quite disconnected from the band for a long time now so when [JonasBryssling [guitar] got in touch with me, it felt kind of surreal. But nonetheless amazing when he started to describe his visions for the next SPAWN OF POSSESSION record and that he wanted me to handle the vocals for it. Now, mind you, it’s been over four years of silence between us and we parted on a somewhat bad note, but that’s in the past. The focus is now on the new material, which Bryssling has invited me to get involved with and after listening to the temp tracks, all I can say is that I’m in for a serious ride.

“Although my presence has been lacking in the scene I’ve been busy writing and recording with my new band. It’s still all under wraps but hopefully I’ll be able to share it with you in a not-too-distant future. With that said, I’m really excited to be back in the SPAWN OF POSSESSION camp and I can’t wait to join the others to complete what I believe will be a masterpiece of unparalleled proportions.”

Regarding the progress of the songwriting sessions for SPAWN OF POSSESSION’s next album, Bryssling states, “We have too many songs, and some of them are a tad bit long, 7-10 minutes each. So we have decided to cut down the amount of tracks from twelve songs to ten. We are now finishing up the last songs, polishing the arrangements and practicing the material.”

SPAWN OF POSSESSION is in the process of signing a new record deal, the details of which will be announced soon.

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