WHITECHAPEL: What Influenced “A New Era of Corruption” by Ben Savage (Part One)

WHITECHAPEL lead guitarist Ben Savage gave SMNnews a very in-depth and piece-by-piece low down on WHITECHAPEL’s brand new album A New Era of Corruption. Simply asking the lads “What influenced A New Era of Corruption?”, part one of Savage’s guitar-centric answers can be found below…

Every band has their own way of doing things. Us boys in the Chap just love to rip off our favorite bands just like the next guy, but I like to think we put a little more make up on the mole if you catch my drift. We normally work by writing the music first then having Phil lay his nastiness to the product. So just to be fun and give you a little more in depth look into our song-craft I’m doing a track by track run down of what I was jamming at the time the riffs came into fruition.

WHITECHAPELA New Era of Corruption: A Guitarists Breakdown…

01. Devolver

I like to riff by this little code I made for myself. The code is W.W.B.D? or What Would Bloodbath Do? Because anybody who loves hateful, punishing Death Metal knows that Bloodbath are the be-all end-all. What I love about Bloodbath is the simplicity and catchiness of the riffs that just catch your ear and make your face cringe as if satan himself hath possessed you for the duration of their aural carnage. They are a band featuring Mikael Akerfeldt of Opeth, and the extremely underrated gentlemen, Anders Nystrom and Jonas Renske of Katatonia. You’ve more than likely heard of Opeth before (yes metal gods, I know.) but if you’ve never heard of Katatonia before then stop reading right now and pick up their latest offering “Night is the New Day.” Jonas’ voice literally sounds like a ghost that has lost his way and is whispering his beautiful psalms to anyone wanting to listen. Unlike anything I’ve heard. To put it simply, its fucking breathtaking.

That being said, the beginning riff was written after multiple jamage to Bloodbath. I believe I woke up one morning and that riff was haunting my dreams, so I hummed it into my phone and that was that………….Aw fuck it! I just realized that it would take to damn long to write out an entire riff by riff biography of each song, so I’m just going to sum it up a little more……………neeexxxttt soooonnggg…

02. Breeding Violence

The beginning riff to this tasty tune was written in the van when we were on tour with Trivium last November. It was a long drive and I figured I would hum into my phone the first thing that comes to mind whenever I’d imagine a big ole’ bouncy booty in my face. Ya know, like the booty of a girl on assparade.com. THAT kind of bootay! Its a cool way to write bouncy licks, try it! The working title for this song up until we named it “Breeding Violence” was “Strip Club Song.”

03. The Darkest Day of Man

We were playing bamboozle fest last year in New Jersey and the beginning riff just kind of hit me as we were setting up to go on stage. Maybe its because the big crowd got me inspired, I dunno, I guess you never know when the riff gods will bestow their knowledge upon ye’. This song goes back to the Bloodbath-style simplicity, with that Bury Your Dead type bounce to it. The chorusy part “The Darkest Day of Man is Upon Us All” has a nice Black Dahlia Murder/Testament feel to it.

04. Reprogrammed to Hate

The first 3 minutes of this song was written in one sitting while I was jamming a lot of Architects album “Hollow Crown” after we got off tour with them in Europe. It sounds nothing like Architects at all but more like fast tempo Acacia Strain, but whatever, it made sense to me at the time. It also hits on the up-beat for a good portion of the song, like a Foo Fighters or Coheed and Cambria type tune. The Part where Chino Moreno comes in was written by our other guitarist Alex, its funny because he wrote it as a Deftones style riff, not knowing that Chino was going to be laying down his signature Pterodactyl screams.

05. End of Flesh

This is one of my personal favorites because this was one of the few songs where all 3 guitarists wrote parts for. The beginning riff was originally written in kind of a Gothenburg type approach where the guitars are more staccato, but I then changed it to a more fluid feel after jamming Psycroptic’s “Initiate” because the chorus riff to that song is one of the best riffs I’ve ever heard, seriously, it is, and it’s almost all harmonics! Soo sweeeet!

Ok, so back to the song at hand. There’s the hellfire intro into the galloping riff that was written by our other guitarist Zach and its a personal favorite of mine. There’s the evil chorus riff with some Carcass type leads over it, and then there’s the Opethy break in the middle of the song to the Suffocation blasty chugadug, back to the chorus then taking it home with the marching band breakdown at the end. whew!

Check back later today for part two!

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