WHITECHAPEL: Phil Bozeman Answers YOUR Questions (Part 1)

As part of our ongoing tribute to WHITECHAPEL, we managed to lock down WHITECHAPEL frontman Phil Bozeman for a session of ‘Ask Phil Bozeman from Whitechapel Anything‘. The result was a slew of questions on our official forums and right here on this main page. Well, the wait is over, we have some selected answers to put on show for you today in a four part series of posts. Check back throughout the day to see what Phil Bozeman answered and to see if YOUR question was one he picked to reply back to.

Here are Phil Bozeman’s first set of replies!



what inspires you to play the music you play and write the lyrics you write?

I’ve been inspired by death metal ever since I heard Cannibal Corpse in the early 90’s. I think everyone no matter what they say has a fascination with death whether it’s fear or interested in it’s mysteries.



Hey Phil, I’ve been a whitechapel fan for a long time now, and I had couple questions. One is how do you do your vocals…and two is what’s the trigger setup like on the drummer’s drum kit?

I don’t think I could ever answer exactly “how” I do my vocals but I can tell you that I use power and diaphragm and the sounds my voice allows me to do, it’s all muscle memory and how you move your throat muscles. As far as the trigger setup goes I have no idea dude, that’s definitely a question to ask him haha. I know he uses a Alesis DM-5 and D-Drum triggers.




I’ve been a fan of Whitechapel since the release of The Somatic Defilement and almost see’s Phil a role model when it comes to the vocal part.

My question is: For how long have you’ve been practicing vocals and do you practice on a daily basis?

Also when writing lyrics, what is your “main” source for them?


I’ve been doing vocals for about 8 years now and I try to practice about once a month aside from touring just to keep my voice trained. Lyrics, well I usually brainstorm weird fucked up shit and that could be anything from death to murder to supernatural. It just depends on what mood I’m in!



Phil! Been a Whitechapel fan since you guys signed with Metal Blade Records and did This Is Exile. Who in the band first came up with the idea to name you guys Whitechapel, and how much did you all know about Jack The Ripper and his excellent spree of brutal murders? Great idea guys with this blog!

I came up with the name and presented it to all the guys and they were stoked! I had been studying Jack the Ripper for awhile and I figured that “Whitechapel” was a sick name for a band and easy to remember. He’s a legend!



Hey Phil!

I’ve been diggin Whitechapel’s stuff for quite some time now and I have a couple of questions for you bro!

One, how did you enjoy the show you played in Christchurch, New Zealand? Was it any different than most other shows? (I freakin loved it man, good to see my fav band play in my home country)

Two, how do you do your vocals so well??? I think they’re amazing and I struggle to do anything like them at all!

Cheers man.

It’s never taken for granted anytime we play outside the country, we love playing down under and hope to return soon! Sorry buddy, as far as the second question goes, I really don’t know how to answer that. I just use what my body allows me to do and project whatever comes out haha.

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